Under the forcastle deck there are 4  two person cabins. Under the main deck another 4  four person cabins.

On deck behind the fore mast you find the Riggers Bar. This bar serves out the beverages during the daytrips. In this superstructure you also find a Lady’s toilet on portside and a Gent’s on starboard.

Behind the main mast we find the Coffee Shop.
‘Morgenster’ sails a clipper-brig rig.

These rigs were developed by the Americans during their struggle for independence.

The heavy English Man o' War ’s were not fit to catch the light and fast Americans who used the “hit and run” tactics.

The famous clippers were developed from these fast schooners and brigs.
Length Overall 48    metres
Length Hull 38    metres
Length between perpendiculars  33.3 metres
Beam   6.75    metres
Draft   2.4 metres
Draft air 29    metres
Sail area 600 m2
Main engine Scania DI 13 450 HP
Gearbox ZF 4.8:1
Generator 1 John Deere 62KVA
Generator 2 Mitsubishi 20KVA
Emergency generator Hatz 17KVA
SteeringTenfjord Hydraulic
WatermakerSea Recovery2500 l/day
Tank drinking water  9 m3
Tank fuel 9 m3
Tank sewage 10 m3
Technical data
Accomodation crew 10 persons
  Accomodation guests
Day trips  90 passengers
Multiple day trip  36 trainees
Accomodation cabin 24 trainees
Accomodation hammock   6 trainees
Accomodation bench   6 trainees
Certificates and safety.
Morgenster’s safety management system is supervised and certificated by Bureau Veritas.
For safety the Morgenster is under the supervision of the register Holland and the  Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate.

She sails with two safety certificates

Special Purpose Ship and sail training ship sailing around the world with up to 36 trainees.
98/18 EU as a passenger ship for day trips to 12 miles at sea by up to 90 passengers.
Besides an extensive safety equipment there is a lot of attention to fire safety:
There is a lot of insulation provided to ensure safe evacuation.
The engine room has a extinguishing gas system.
The other compartments are protected with a sprinkler system.
The entire woodwork of doors and includes all non-combustible material.
A real square-rigger to travel the world.
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