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Den Helder 09-04-2017 17.00hrs
Greenwich 11-04-2017 10.00hrs

On the 9th of April you arrive on board in Den Helder in time for a nice dinner together, which has proven to be the best way to get to know the crew and other guests.

Weather depending we sail out in the evening or the next morning. Under way we see the North Sea is not empty. There is a lot of traffic, windfarms and oil rigs.

The Thames Estuary is almost 60 miles wide, so you will not likely see both shores at the same time. West of the Medway it narrows up end if not in foggy weather we can see both sides now.

After several bends we pass Tilbury, where they hung executed pirates and mutineers in iron cages for the crows as a warning for these sailors that might have theirs ideas about how to get rid of the floggings on board.

We go all the way up River Thames to the Tower Bridge and then return to Woolwich, just east of the Thames Barrier.
Greenwich 16-04-2017 20.00hrs
Den Helder 18-04-2017 10.00hrs

Sailcruise on board Clipperbrig Morgenster straight from Greenwich to Den Helder
Den Helder 12-05-2017 20.00hrs
Vannes Morbihan 21-05-2017 12.00hrs

In the evening of the 12th of May you arrive on board in Den Helder. After some instructions we leave the same evening weather permitting, because on this trip there will be nice things to see.
Getting in the Channel we see the water is turning from North Sea grey into a nice clear blue. Our favorite stop is at one of the Channel Islands.

It is an amazing area of the Channel with currents up to 10 knots and a rise and fall of almost 15 meters at spring tides.

Then along the North Britany coast to the islands west off Brest then south into the Bay of Biscay to Belle Ile. From Belle Ile into Morbihan (Breton for “ small sea” ) up to Port Blanc near Vannes where this trip ends.
Straight sailing
Vlissingen 05-06-2017 12.00hrs
Scheveningen 06-06-2017. 17.00hrs

This little appetizer trip for people that might hesitate if sailing on the high sea might be their hobby. So first you book on this trip and later you end up with us sailing the oceans. 
Straight sailing
Scheveningen 11-06-2017 20.00hrs
Den Helder 13-06-2017 10.00hrs

Another trip for a tryout of your sea legs, or just go for two days salt sniffer.
Klaipeda 31-07-2017 17.00hrs
Rostock 07-08-2017 10.00hrs

Klaipeda is the main port of Lithuania. It is a very nice and interesting town.

You will get on board in the afternoon of the 31th of July. We have a good meal together and do some instructions to get you familiarized with the vessel, crew and guest crew.

The next day there will be a Sail Out parade of the Tall Ship Fleet that is gathered in this event.
After waving out Klaipeda we set sail for Gotland, the long island east of Sweden.

From Gotland there are possibilities to have stops in Sweden like Karlkrona or the island of Bornholm. From where we can see the chalk cliffs of Rügen, that we pass before steering more south to the old Hansa town of Rostock.

Rostock 13-08-2017 20.00hrs
Den Helder 24-08-2017 10.00hrs

In Rostock every August there is a huge and lively maritime event and a city fair at the same time. Whenever possible Morgenster will be there.

You are invited to sail back with us from Rostock to Amsterdam. In 13 days we have time enough to see the highlights on this trip, like de city of Copenhagen and Goteborg. And in the end Amsterdam, whoop whoop, Morgenster.
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