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Arrival on board.


The ship will be ready at the port of departure for this trip. The boarding time for most trips is 17:00h. If you arrive early the crew will still be busy cleaning and getting the ship
ready for the trip. However, you can always leave your luggage on board so that you have your hands free for a walk through the port city.
At the boarding time, all guests come to the ships and the crew show the guests their cabins. After that it is time for a welcome-drink and the introduction of the crew and 
guests. The captain will tell the guests about what they can expect from the trip and how things work on board Morgenster.
There is an instruction about lifesaving equipment and various alarms on board. The guests are taken on an instructive tour around the ship tot to familiarize everyone with
the corridors, stairs and equipment.


When the gong for the evening meal goes everyone rushes to the day room for real enjoyment. The cook takes care of three meals a day, and at 16:00 a snack, and when we sail through the night the wait will get toasted sandwiches.
At each visit to the shore, the cook will come back with rich spoil of fresh fruit and vegetables. We stock meat in the freezers and we hope to catch fish on the way. The cook can always do something with it.
When we are sailing in watches, we have breakfast from 07.30 to 08.30, lunch at 12.30 and dinner from 19.15 to 20.45.
We regularly make coffee and tea. In the bar of the longroom is a tap with very cold water.




Sailing, participate.


On board the Morgenster you are cordially invited to fully enjoy the active sailing and so in the waiting with the crew to turn. We hoist the sails and put them to the wind, we steer, keep watch and put a position on the map every hour. On the Morning Star is also a lot of climbing in the rig. If you also want to do this, you will receive a climbing instruction and a climbing harness with safety hooks from the crew. Climbers must not be under the influence of alcohol.

If we sail day and night, we will share three watches:

The red watch:     08.00-12.00 / 20.00-24.00
The white watch: 12.00-16.00 / 24.00-04.00
The blue watch:   16.00-20.00 / 04.00-08.00

You are welcome to be part of such a watch.

kids sturen.JPG


The game with the sea, the waves, the wind, the sails, the search for the balance, is experienced by most people as very pleasant. We try to limit the use of the engine if at all possible. The navigation is an interesting puzzle, the Morgenster a fantastic sailing ship.
Soon you will get to know the other guests. This yields valuable international friendships.










Language on board


If we have foreign guests, we do communication in English. In our crew we speak Dutch, German, English and French.



Some people become seasick, others do not. Seasickness pills can best be taken more than an hour before departure. If you are afraid of getting seasick, you can not drink too much alcohol the night before and avoid coffee and carbonated drinks on the day of departure. Most people need a few hours to swing-in.


Phone and internet.

Emergency communication with the home front.

In European waters within 5 km of the coast you have reasonably affordable telephone and internet traffic. In the open sea this is soon gone. The ship has strong radio stations with which the Coast Guard can be reached at all times. We can also send and receive e-mail in urgent cases.
We hope you will have a wonderful holiday with us on board.
Team Morgenster.














Contact us for any questions.

Phone: +31 6 53 46 44 69