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Individual trips by Morgenster

Welcome on the voyages of Morgenster.

In your updated travelling information you will get a telephone number by which you can contact the vessel and the precizest possible position of the vessel or rendez vous point, either in port or at anchor. If she is at anchor you will be picked up with the inflatable boat, Morgenster’s RIB.

The Master will welcome you and the other guests on board and will tell you about the voyage and the expected weather. There will be a safety briefing to prepare all aboard for emergency situations. The crew will walk a guided safety your with you to familiarize you with locations of fire extinguishers, life buoys, life rafts, the several alarms that could sound and the importance of keeping escape route clear of luggage.

During the voyage you are very welcome to participate with the crew in sailing Morgenster. Those who would like to climb the rig will get instructed and trained by the crew.

If your trip would be cancelled because of Covid effects, we will completely refund your payments. Morgenster does not use vouchers.

Our trips in 2023


Tall Ships Race CiC


  17-7-2023   Frederikstad(NO) 10:00
  28-7-2023   Lerwick(UK) 10:00







Our trips in 2024



Sete 7-3-2024 10:00
Frontignant 7-3-2024 17:00


Frontignant 17-3-2024 10:00
Sete 17-3-2024 17:00


Sete 1-4-2024 17:00
Castellon 5-4-2024 10:00


Castellon 7-4-2024 17:00
Port Vendres 12-4-2024 10:00


Port Vendres 15-4-2024 17:00
Saint Tropez 20-4-2024 10:00





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Check our trips for 2023 

Tall Ships Races reservations through Windseeker

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TSR Race 1
Den Helder 1-7-2023 17:00:00
Hartlepool 8-7-2023 10:00:00
TSR Race 2
Hartlepool 8-7-2023 17:00:00
Fredrikstad 17-7-2023 10:00:00
TSR Race 3
Lerwick 28-7-2023 17:00:00
Arendal 5-8-2023 10:00:00








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Phone: +31 6 53 46 44 69