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Den Helder homeport of Morgenster

Den Helder is our fine home port. In the far northwest of Holland, here begins the Wadden Sea and a row of islands that extends all the way to Denmark.

Day trips from Den Helder are always a success. The North Sea is half an hour sailing from the port, but if it's too rough up there, we can sail on the sheltered Wadden Sea.

If Morgenster does not sail in winter she is berthed at the Old Navy Yard Willemsoord. It is a historic maritime center,with the Naval Museum, the Life Boat Museum, the Lightvessel Texel and an increasing number of interesting sailing, steam and motor vessels.

Here you find excellent port facilities, such as a wood workshop and metal workshop with a lathe, etc., but also a slope and a large dry dock. All fit for a refit.

Den Helder is the main port of the Royal Navy. Entering and leaving the port of Den Helder we  inevitably pass the Navy ships, which for tourists on board is an added attraction.
The offshore supply vessels determine more and more the face of the harbour which specializes in this. Den Helder is the most central port of the North Sea.


Traditional sailors

Besides the Morgenster, there are other very interesting seagoing sailing vessels that operate from Den Helder.

The Tecla is a sailing lugger, remained largely traditional. The sailing characteristics are unbeatable to windward. The accommodation is suited for holidays with individual participants, because of the 2-person cabins with toilet and shower. The Tecla participates for a long time in the Tall Ship Races and won many prices.

The Tres Hombres, a non-motorized sailing cargo vessel, the result of imagination, courage and perseverance of three friends. This vessel was converted in Den Helder. Many volunteers from around the world helped rebuilding it. The Tres Hombres is a statement against the energy guzzling way the world economy is organized and anticipates on the time, that we will use the wind again for our transports, as the oil prices go beyond payability.









Vooraanzicht museumhaven met Tres Hombres en Morgenster.JPG